• Before Marcus stands a foe he never expected to face a common animal using ku to create and manipulate fire

Marcus: Damn this is definitely fascinating and opens up a lot of questions. *Marcus smiles pensively* Perhaps plants can use these powers too.

  • The fox barks at Marcus and 10 distinct flames appear around him, they are a pale orange and are of a peculiar shape they look like foxes
  • Marcus looks all around him and gets ready to jump to the trees to dodge the incoming attack but the fox simply waits for Marcus to do a move

Marcus: [Is it waiting for my move?]

  • Marcus simply stands there and looks at the fox trying to read it, until he finally relaxes his stance
  • He takes a step away from the shrine and the fox seemingly loses some anger
  • Marcus keeps walking back from the fox and the fox's tail drops and so does it's expression from anger to almost neutral

Marcus: How rude of me...

  • Marcus bows twice in front of the fox and the other fire made foxes around him vanish into simply sparks
  • He claps his hands out of respect and the fox sits in front of Marcus staring at him with a calm demeanor similar to that of a trained dog

Marcus: Tell me fox, are you a kami or a regular fox?

  • The fox merely looks at Marcus, unable to understand
  • A few footsteps are heard approaching quickly the shrine and a small girl is seen crying and yelling "let him be"

The Little Girl: Leave the fox alone you dirty hunters.

  • The girl stops in front of the fox with her heads spread wide

Marcus: I'm not actually an enemy you kn-

  • The little girl kicks Marcus in the nuts, he comically falls to his knees, she starts tearing up

Marcus: fuck...

  • The little girl keeps hitting Marcus in the head crying, until the fox puts it's tail in front of Marcus making the little girl stop
  • It then licks Marcus face trying to relieve him of some pain

Marcus: you.... little... why did you kick me over there!?

Little Girl: *starts crying* I thought you were a hunter I'm sorry don't kick me there too!!!

Marcus: No... Why would I kick a girl over there...

  • Marcus sighs and then suddenly realizes one very odd thing

Wait... How do I understand what she says?

  • Marcus looks at the little girl again and carefully observes her lips as she asks him questions

Little Girl: Stop looking at my lips, are you a pervert... *the girl hides behind the fox* If you attack me the fox will bite you...

Marcus: Little girl, how are we understanding each other?

Little Girl: What? Are you crazy mister?

Marcus: You're not speaking english at all, so how? Why is it when you speak I understand what you mean and you understand me?

  • A shadowed man falls from the sky

That's because you touched the veil in your fight

  • Marcus turns to the shadowed man and sighs it's merely his master

Marcus: Oh it's you Sensei...

Yi: Marcus-san, it seems you stumbled upon my granddaughter

Marcus: Granddaughter?

Little Girl: You can call me Sakura *grins*

Marcus: [What a cliché name] Pleasure to meet you my name is Marcus.

Sakura: *looks at Marcus with a serious face* You just thought my name was really cliché didn't you...

Marcus: *embarassed* You can read minds can't you... Sorry...

Sakura: *starts crying* He figured out my super secret technique instantly.

Marcus: *sweatdrops* Why are you crying over this...

  • Marcus stops and looks at Yi

Wait, what did you mean when you said I touched the veil Yi Sensei?

Yi: Koh oh oh. You really want to know?

Marcus: Yes it sounds important...

Yi: Well then if you really want to know how about a proposal.

  • Yi gives Marcus another scroll

Yi: Marcus become strong enough to find the answer on your own.

Marcus: But yi, why can't you just tell me?

Yi: Because you wouldn't believe me if I told you the truth.

  • Marcus looks at yi puzzled

Marcus: *sighs and turns his back to them* What kind of lame excuse is that, there's a fire controlling fox right here *notices the fox is now gone* Wait where did it go?

  • Marcus turns around back again to face Yi and Sakura but they've both vanished

Marcus: You kidding me...

  • Atop the cliff Yi and Sakura observe Marcus in the forest

Sakura: Grandpa why are we hiding from him?

Yi: It's more fun when a young man learns about the other world with his own sweat.

  • Marcus jumps high into the sky and using all of his chi allocated to chi:beast uses his flight ability to start flying towards his home country

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