• Marcus Junior

    Fallen Leaves - Pursuit

    February 28, 2016 by Marcus Junior
    • Marcus is seen flying through the streets of italy, towards Vatican city, Maria is following just behind using her Ten: Control to catch up

    Maria: [I hope this doesn't turn too sour...]

    • Marcus flies through the main entrance of Vatican city and straight into the middle of St. Peter's Square


    • Marcus keeps yelling taunting the entirety of Vatican city to come at him
    • He looks around him and sees the walls surrounding him all lighting up
    • Marcus immediately blasts towards one of the sources of light and pins the bishop there to the wall by the neck

    Marcus: I won't crush your wind pipe if you keep healing me as I destroy your buddies.

    • Marcus ties a chain around the B…
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  • Marcus Junior
    • Marcus and the other members of Angel snake are all in their shared room, each doing their own thing. Marcus is reading about acupuncture on his scrolls
    • Alois walks in and calls for Marcus specifically

    Marcus: Don't worry guys, it's just a small procedure.

    • Marcus closes the door behind him and sighs

    Marcus: I'm glad you offered to help, but did you really have to be so blunt?

    Alois: I think they have the right to know that this might cost you your life.

    Marcus: I guess you're right...

    • Marcus remembers back to a few minutes after their origina talk with Maria and how Maria tells them that she can help Marcus' aura but it might just kill him in the process

    Marcus: Maria, what are you going to do?

    Maria: We've been secretly developing ways to get rid …

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  • Marcus Junior
    • A few days later in Italy, all 4 main members of Angel Snake are standing on a park

    Nykola: Are we sure they're coming?

    Marcus: Well they did know about everything, I think we can trust them.

    Diego: You're too quick to trust.

    Joseph: It doesn't matter I'll slice them down if it comes to it.

    Marcus: You really shouldn't go that far *sweatdrop*

    • As they chatter between themselves a man approaches them, and gives them a business card

    ???: Pleasure to meet you new recruits. Please take one of the cards and don't let them go.

    • Each of them take one of the cards

    ???: Good, now your aura has been recorded.

    Nykola: Why do you need to record our Aura, what are you playing at?

    ???: I'm sorry, I know it sounds suspicious but those cards are proof of your membersh…

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  • Marcus Junior
    • The crowd surrounding Marcus and the priest all collectively gasp, at the blasphemous words Marcus proclaims



    • Marcus is assaulted by the tourists closer to him throwing insults and trash they were carrying with him

    ???: Don't you make fun of our beliefs.

    Marcus: [I didn't think this through...] No, you see. It's just my stance...

    • The priest who was shocked a moment ago, just stops and smiles again

    Priest: It seems your faith in god certainly doesn't exist anymore, do you feel betrayed by him?

    Marcus: *serious look* The problem of Evil. If god is omnibenevolent, omnipotent and omniscient, then he should want to stop evil, know how to stop evil and be able to stop all evil.

    Then why does he …

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  • Marcus Junior
    • Up in the skies of china Marcus is seen flying alongside a flock of birds, his aura glows a powerful light orange splitting off from Marcus occasionally in the shape of leaves fluttering in the wind

    Marcus: [Perhaps flying my way back home wasn't the best form of training, I'm getting really tired...]

    • Marcus sighs and then looks forward to see a massive mountain stand before him

    Mount Everest huh? I could do with a stop to sightsee and take a breather

    • Marcus lands on the side of the world's tallest mountain and lays on his back

    Marcus: I've been flying nonstop for two days and I'm barely out of China... This is going to take so much longer than anticipated...

    And now I'm talking to myself...

    • Marcus reaches for his pocket and checks his phone


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