Cheers got louder after the conclusion of the Magnus and Marcus fight. The Tournament went on a brief hiatus as the contestants were preparing for their fights and the several arenas were getting mended after the damage inflicted upon them from the previous fight. The audience could not hold in their excitement after such an impressive opening battle, as the tournament was promising to be good. A couple of hours later and the announcer popped up on stage once more

Announcer: How are you all doing, folks? Excited for the first round??!!

  • The crowd roared; they couldn't wait much longer for the actual tournament to start.

Announcer: That's what I like to hear! My superiors are telling me our watcher ratio has gone up even more to 97%!!! That last battle sure drew in the audience!! So give even stronger cheers to Marcus and Magnus!

  • The crowd cheered in unison once again, this time with many girly screams. It seems Marcus and Magnus won the hearts of many of the female audience.

Announcer: Don't forget to buy from our friendly vendors! Cold drinks and snacks are sure to improve your viewing experience! All sponsored by Dosoki Panda!

  • The vendors, who were carrying around boards filled with Dosoki goodness, waved at the cameras as the cameras panned on them.

Announcer: Now. After a vicious preliminary rounds that picked out of hundreds of contestants the ones who are strong enough to fight in this tournament today, we are gonna randomly match them against each other for the starting rounds of the tournament. Then, whoever gets to win his round advances upward to fight yet again and so on, till we have our winner! So now, let us decide who will be fighting in the very first round of the 100th World Trinity Tournament!

  • The Announcer placed his hand inside of the choosing cup and pulled out two small sphere. The spheres open up to reveal pieces of paper with the contestant names on them.

Our first fighter is.... The Master of Muay Thai, the man who wowed the audience by his performance in the preliminaries.... Atazard!!

  • The crowd howled with cheers as Atazard made his way on the arena. He gave a small wave and a smile to the audience.

Fighting against him is... The man of style! The guy with songs that move the heart... Dave Rickitttt!!

  • Once again, the crowd cheered as Dave made it on the arena and made his way to stand in the opposite direction of Atazard.

Now, let the first battle... COMMENCE!