• Fantasy Detective

    Cheers got louder after the conclusion of the Magnus and Marcus fight. The Tournament went on a brief hiatus as the contestants were preparing for their fights and the several arenas were getting mended after the damage inflicted upon them from the previous fight. The audience could not hold in their excitement after such an impressive opening battle, as the tournament was promising to be good. A couple of hours later and the announcer popped up on stage once more

    Announcer: How are you all doing, folks? Excited for the first round??!!

    • The crowd roared; they couldn't wait much longer for the actual tournament to start.

    Announcer: That's what I like to hear! My superiors are telling me our watcher ratio has gone up even more to 97%!!! That last…

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  • Fantasy Detective

    On a mysterious island, a man could be seen strolling around with a huge electric guitar strapped onto his back. His appearance was notable, to say the least... He was wearing a pair of black glasses, a white fedora hat and a white suit above a white vest and a red tie. The man strolled around the island for a bit before making his stop on a cliff nearby the sea.

    "Oh man, oh man!" The man said as he hurriedly unzipped his white pants and started taking a leak, bending his body so that he can successfully shoot at the water beneath him. He stood there for a while... Before he started humming tunes to himself.

    "... Oceans Breeze shall guide the way... Sailing forth atop the waves across the briny deep," he sang slowly to himself with a voice f…

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