Japanese Name:
Romanized Name: Ten
English Name: Heaven
First Appearance: ???
Associated With: Mind/Consciousness
Focus: Creating, Altering and Controlling things.

Chi is one of the three fundamental components of Trinity, and is the one that focuses on the conscious mind and allows it to do it's job better.


Ten's passive is composed of two things, the first and most noticeable one is that it allows people to perform telekinesis to some extent, and the second perhaps more important component is that it gives asignificant boost to a person's intelligence upon using it.

This boost in intelligence while often downplayed by other passive users proves crucial to the full use of all of ten, as those who utilize ten masterfully are notorious for how they always seem to be one step ahead of their opponent or never running out of tricks.

Ten: CreateEdit

Once a person unlocks trinity they became able to sacrifice part of their aura to alter and even create wntirely new objects that didn't exist up until the user imagined them. Since ten abilities relate to the mind Create is obviously linked to the imagination and utilizing it is crucial for full use of Ten: Create.

Perhaps the least known and more terrifying utilization of Ten: Create is that it allows one to alter virtually anything they can touch to fit their needs provided they have enough aura. While this ability is more often used to change the shape of weaponry like swords during combat it can also be used to fix damage to objects, and even to alter one's own body.

Ten: Create is also not limited by physics and the laws of nature, like the rest of the trinity system that which is made with Ten:Create can defy expectations and do the impossible. It's said that the ancient weapons of myths with their supernatural powers were all a result of this form of ten.


Not much is known of how overdrives work for Ten: Create but speculations says that they might create mythical weapons like mjolnir and the aegis.

Ten: ControlEdit

Ten: Control is composed of a wide range of supernatural abilities that most people would associate with espers. These abilities when utilized to their full potential allows a Ten user to control the flow of a battle and even the world itself, hence it's name.

The full list of abilities Ten: Control users have is difficult to pinpoint but the most common ones include: Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Mind Control and ilusion Illusion making.

Ten: Control also seems to boost Ten's passive, as those who utilize Ten: Control are more capable of utilizing telekinesis for large scale offensive assaults than those who mostly use Ten: Create.


Not much is known of how overdrives work for Ten: Control.