Japanese Name: Joseph
Romanized Name: Joseph
English Name: Joseph
First Appearance: N/A
Age: 17
Afiliation: Angel Snake
Chi: 45% - Martial: Ittoryu + Depth Perception
Ten: 30% - Creation: Katana + Poison + Samurai Armor
Ku: 25% - Element: Water
Passive: Chi

Joseph is one of the members of the group Angel Snake, and thus ally to both Marcus Europa and Diego, and the resident weapon user of the group.


Joseph is a relatively tall man who wears really formal clothing to fight. He has black hair and amber eyes, with an eye patch covering one of them, as it was gravely hurt in a fight.

On top of his suit he sports some degree of samurai armor, it isn't much, and only protects the most important parts from damage.




  System: Ansatsu Ken  

Joseph's System is called Ansatsu Ken, literlaly meaning assassination sword/fist, and true to it's name it's designed not for one on one fighting but for assassination, that isn't to say it isn't effective for direct combat it can defeat even the strongest of foes.


As a native Chi Passive user Joseph has enhanced stats to help him wield his blade in combat, he further amplifies his abilities with Chi: Martial to enhance his sword skill techniques in the last second with a huge buff. Furthermore Joseph also uses Chi: Martial to boost his eye sight to compensate for the loss of an eye.


Joseph utilizes Ten: Create to transmute his katana blade into a sharper more resistant version after every swing to keep it from ever dulling. The pieces of armor he carries around with him are also repaired after being attacked by Joseph's smart use of Ten: Create.

Most interestingly is his use of Ten: Create to alter water into a variety of poisons which he then uses to coat his sword for devastating effects.


As far as aspects go Ku is the least used offensively of the aspects, as it's merely used to create water for the poison with Ten and to cover himself with shadows for sneak attacks and Ougis.


None as of yet.