Σάρωση 20150823
Japanese Name: Driver
Romanized Name: -
English Name: Driver
First Appearance: N/A
Age: ???
Afiliation: None
Chi: 50% - Martial: Barefisted + Blades
Ten: 50% - Creation: Energy Blades.
Ku: 0% - None
Passive: Chi

"Driver" is a mysterious man that participates in the World Trinity Championship. His identinty remains a secret, and his voice is changed via a machine inside his helmet. As such, no one really knows who he is, or why he even participates in this tournament.

Appearance Edit

Driver is always wearing his driver's helmet, which has at least one machine inside it: the one that changes his voice. He usually wears his white clothing, that covers most of his body.

Abilities Edit

  System: Blade Works  

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