Japanese Name: Diego
Romanized Name: Diego
English Name: Diego
First Appearance: N/A
Age: 19
Afiliation: Angel Snake
Chi: 5% - Martial: Movement
Ten: 5% - Creation: Metal Spheres
Ku: 90% - Element: Electromagnetism
Passive: Ku

Diego is one of the members of Angel Snake, and thus an ally to both Marcus Europa and Joseph, he's also the most prominent user of Ku.


Diego is a relatively tall man with dark and thick curly hair. He like Joseph enjoys wearing a suit to a fight, however unlike him doesn't wear any sort of armor on top it.




  System: Lightning Emperor  

Diego's System the Lightning Emperor is extremely heavy on Ku, if not for a small use of Chi and Ten to further make his Ku deadlier. Has it's name implies Lightning Emperor is an electricity based fighting style.


Diego only utilizes Chi to boost his movement abilities allowing him to free run and parkour across the field to get a vantage point and dodge attacks.


The use of Ten by Diego is to exclusively make small metal sphere to channel his electricity through for sneak attacks and attacks that carry more kinetic force.


Diego's bread and butter, his Ku passive shield shrouds him with a passive shield of lightning that stuns anyone that touches him and can even be extended as a bubble shield around him to fend off large scale attacks and projectiles.

As for the active use of Ku Diego uses it in lots of different ways utilizing fully all the properties of electricity and magnetism for destructive results.


None yet but it'll probably affect his lightning.



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