Japanese Name:
Romanized Name: Chi
English Name: Earth
First Appearance: ???
Associated With: Body
Focus: Boosting Physical Abilities

Chi is one of the three fundamental components of Trinity, and is the one that focuses on the physical body and enhancing it.


Chi's passive is the most straightforward one of them all, choosing to unlock Chi's passives gives one a boost in virtually everything their body can do, from jumping to running to even random things like not tiring out as much and enhanced flexibility.

In essence by unlocking Chi's passive the user is instantly allowed to reach peak human conditioning and even beyond that a bit. This passive interestingly led to a big decrease in the mortality rate once the trinity system was revealed publicly. As people with diseases reportedly claimed they got cured in a few months or days.

Chi: MartialEdit

After unlocking trinity people become able to utilize their own aura to perform supernatural feats. It is extremely rare for one to find a person who does not utilize Chi; Martial as it is arguably the most versatile and instant of all ways to utilize the trinity system.

Chi:Martial quite simply allows its users to enhance their own abilities and the effectiveness of their weaponry. Even those without Chi's passive can easily perform supernatural feats such as breaking rocks and leaping huge distances by focusing their aura into chi.

Applying one's chi aura into weaponry is often refereed to as the deadliest application of the trinity system as of yet. Previously unusable weaponry in actual combat now became viable because Chi: Martial allows one to level the playing field of combat by providing enough mobility and damage to weapons that guns no longer become the true best weapon to use.

However because of how common it is and how mundane it makes some feats Chi:Martial and by extension Chi is looked down upon by those of higher caliber trinity system use. Claiming that brute force can only do so much.


Not much is known of how overdrives work for Chi: Martial.

Chi: BeastEdit

This utilization of Chi is exclusive to those that unlocked Chi's passive, as it synergizes extremely well with the enhanced conditioning it bestows, by combining it with the powers of other life forms at peak state. By utilizing Chi:Beast one becomes able to replicate with their aura the abilities of other creatures that humans could never hope for.

While some of Chi:Beasts applications can be reproduced with Chi:Martial it distinguishes itself by how much less aura it takes up for the same effect and by the unique effects it allows. Chi:Beast users of the highest caliber and imagination can camouflage anywhere, fly, breathe underwater, and even survive in the vacuum of space with the right creature choices, something impossible for Chi:Martial users.

Chi:Beast also synergizes extremely well with Ten:Create as by utilizing it to alter one's own body to better mimic the animal, truly terrifying results can be reached, surpassing that of the human imagination.


Not much is known of how overdrives work for Chi: Beast.