Akira "Yaksha" Tetsuo
Akira Tetsuo
Japanese Name: Akira Tetsuo
Romanized Name: -
English Name: Tetsuo Akira
First Appearance: N/A
Age: 30
Afiliation: Underworld.
Chi: 100% - Chi: Martial.
Ten: 0% - None.
Ku: 0% - None
Passive: Ten

Akira Tetsuo, nicknamed "Yaksha", is a man of the underworld. He is known as one of the strongest hand-to-hand fighters in the city that the tournament takes place, and he claims to participate in the tournament to "crack some skulls". However, rumour has it that his affilations with the underwolrd led him to compete, in order to fulfill his assignement.

Appearance Edit

Akira is a muscular man, towering at 2,05 meters tall. He is almost always seen wearing a black suit, and a big cloak above it when the weather demands it. He has long black hair, and he always wears his pair of black shades. He has a distinctive scar on his right cheek - and many more on his body-.


  System: Yaksha's Fist